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Bruxelles-les-Bain is a kind of month-long party - bar - playground that the city erects along the old canal zone.

It's kind of a "thank you" to the residents of the city for putting up with the chaos and traffic all year long.

This week it's started to be great weather and the beach is filled with people of all ages, sizes, colors. Uniquely for a city with large immigrant populations, Brussels seems to mix really well. Not everyone likes the crowds, the smell of roasting fish, merguez, and goat and beef barbecues. Not everyone likes the endless line of little bars, serving every possible kind of drink. Not everyone likes the playgrounds, the beach volleyball, the boules, the long stretches of sand and little trees.

But for those with a little time on a warm evening or relaxed weekend, Bruxelles-les-Bains shows what a relaxed, uncomplicated city Brussels has become, as people of all origins and colors mix happily and without taboos.

All that's missing, for me, is wifi so I could write this blog on the beach.


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