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Starting a new blog with Wikidot. While Wikidot has been an excellent tool for websites of all kinds, it's lacked some basic blogging facilities.

Now, these are arriving and I've decided to start a new blog to celebrate. I'll also explain the basics of how I built this blog, using Wikidot's new features.

The most important part of this blog is Wikidot's ListPages module, which Michal, Piotr and I designed a month or two ago, thinking about how to make the simplest and most useful templating system possible. ListPages has worked better than we imagined and I am now using it on lots of sites.

Here is the start page for the blog:

[[module ListPages rss="IPocracy blog" perPage="10"]]
++ %%linked_title%%



[%%link%%#comments Comments: %%comments%%]

Here is how my blog shows all pages:

[[module ListPages limit="9999" perPage="9999" rssShow="no" order="dateEditedAsc"]]
++ %%linked_title%%
(%%date|%O ago%%) %%short%%

To make the blog nice, I took a theme ported by Piotr and made it look more like my style. The dark and the light is meant to represent the symbolic eternal confrontation between the forces of evil, and good. Or perhaps I just liked the stars, which I made using Gimp.

You can get the CSS code for the Solar theme from, a place I'm putting various skins as I develop them. If you have skins you want to contribute to that site, drop me a line.

Today the blog is very simple. You can check the source for any page, once you're logged into Wikidot. Over time I'll be expanding the blog and explaining how I do it. The nice thing about mixing blogs and Wikdot is that now I can mix blogging with other kinds of web content, in one place.

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