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What surprises will we see from Apple on October 14th?

Engadget reported today of an Apple "notebook" event on October 14th. Here are my predictions of what we'll see in Apple's new line up. Just hunches:

  • Solid-state disk offerings across the board, 64GB up to 256GB on the top of the line notebooks.
  • LED backlighting on all models.
  • Keyboard backlighting on all models except the lower end models.
  • Speaking of "lower end", a relatively cheap and small notebook, not a netbook but close. Thin, white, plastic, $800, 11" screen.
  • At least one model with 3G built in and sold in conjunction with mobile operators and iPhone contracts. Can you say "Macbook web access included in contract"?
  • Aluminum cases for the high end, cheapo plastic for the proles.
  • At least one model with a touch screen, starting the move towards an Apple tablet.
  • More case color options. Time to accessorize!
  • New Macbook Air with a removable battery and 256Gb SSD but still no second USB port. Rats!

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