Passing The Turing Test

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There's a lot of talk of Turing Tests recently. Can it really be so hard to fool people?

human: hi
robot: hi to you
human: what's your job?
* robot is now called terminatorX
terminatorX: are you human?
human: yes
terminatorX: how do you know?
human: that's a stupid question
terminatorX: OK, let me ask you something else
human: ok
terminatorX: how do you feel about your mother?
human: ?wtf
* terminatorX is now called fr3ud
fr3ud: if you're human, you have a mother
human: had. she's dead
fr3ud: so where are you from, anyhow?
human: london. and you?
fr3ud: aha… a trick question!
human: ?
fr3ud: well, i'm from taiwan
human: you're chinese?
fr3ud: another trick question!
human: what's your job?
fr3ud: hang on, phone call… brb
* fr3ud is busy
human: fr3ud: you there?
* fr3ud is back
fr3ud: hi human: I'm back!
fr3ud: sorry about that, my mum called me
human: are you human?
fr3ud: yes! wtf lol!
human: are you not human?
fr3ud: what kind of a chat session is this?
fr3ud: hey, you wanna cyber?
human: ?
fr3ud: talk dirty to me…
human: p133 off!
* fr3ud is now called sexy15
sexy15: so what's your job?

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