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This really should exist: a simple external battery system for portable computers.

It's all about tradeoffs: weight vs. stamina. If I'm going for a few hours down to the cafe to work, I don't need an all-day battery. If I'm flying to the States, I want enough charge for eight hours of work, including videos if needed.

Carrying extra batteries is fine in theory but swapping batteries in and out is a pain. Further, you can only charge them by using them. This means you can't leave that extra battery charging somewhere. Before a trip you have to spend time explicitly recharging it… a pain. And since batteries are different for each notebook, they're expensive and sit around wasted when you change notebooks.

So here is a simpler solution. The power supply, that small black slab that transforms 110v/240v into the 12v the notebook needs, it has an interface. Onto that interface you can plug an extra booster battery, also a small black slab. It charges when the PSU is plugged in, and feeds the 12v output when not. You can get boosters of different capacities - 2.5Ah, 5Ah, 10Ah, etc. Boosters conform to a standard interface so there are many vendors, who actually compete on price and quality.

The nice thing is that you can, when you travel, keep your spare batteries in your bag, plugged into the PSU, so the laptop on your knees remains light. And of course the same boosters can work with any PSU, any laptop.

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