Patent solutions

30 January 2008: for the first time, an easy to use stock answer to all those who propose new and innovative ways of fixing the problems of the patent system. Just copy and paste into your email and check the boxes that apply. Saves you hours of debating!

In defense of software patents

20 November 2007: Pieter Hintjens takes the main arguments used to justify software patents, taking the position of a patent advocate, and explores whether those arguments can be sustained. He looks at five main arguments: natural rights, reward for innovation, incentive to invent and invest, exchange for disclosure, and continuity.

The European Patent Conference

1 July 2007: European patent policy has been driven by technological change and opinion from a small group of experts, based on incomplete data and little or no dialog with challenging opinions. Pieter Hintjens explains why he launched the European Patent Conference, in which experts from all domains meet to discuss the future of the European patent system.

Who stole my software?

22 November 2006: software patents are technically illegal in Europe but the European Patent Office grants them nonetheless. At the same time, patent advocates are working hard to legalize this situation by bringing in a new European patent court that would remove the last barriers to software patents across Europe.

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